Technology Leadership

  • Versatile leader, known for building solid and effective relationships across multiple disciplines, from senior management to staff.
  • A broad multidisciplinary perspective with emphasis on semiconductors, clean technologies, solar energy, and materials science; knowledge of energy storage, water purification, high-throughput materials discovery and analysis, and electrical grid technologies.
  • Skilled decision maker and problem solver in complex situations involving competing priorities.


  • Successfully led multiple technology development efforts including the 60MW CIGS pilot line for First Solar, 20MW a‑Si:H pilot line for Optisolar, and hybrid bonding at SMIC and the Fraunhofer Society.
  • Spearheaded effort to secure Department of Energy funding for a photovoltaic technology incubator program. Program demonstrated world record efficiency, 28.2%.
  • Established First Solar California CdTe R&D laboratory on time managing through transition.
  • Articulated new product paradigm for integrated sensors, and effectively demonstrated viability of new business opportunities. Pioneered world-class a-Si:H elevated photodiode sensor array for CMOS image sensors. Invented strategies for mitigating sensor artifacts.
  • Associate Editor for Clean Energy and Sustainable Technologies, MRS Advances.
  • Authored 50 publications including 2 review articles, and 68 issued patent and patent applications.

Senior Director, 3DIC Technology Development, Xperi Corporation, 2016-Present.

Lead external technology development programs for high-density hybrid bonding for 3D integrated circuits. Responsible for completing commercialization programs to enable  recurring revenue.

  • Demonstrated die-to-wafer 3D hybrid bonding stacking technology nanotechnology with functional 4 die stack.
  • Demonstrated high-volume manufacturing-capable hybrid bonding with 4 micron pitch.
  • Developed robust technology transfer protocol to accelerate implementation.
  • Developed robust chemical mechanical polishing strategies.
  • Managing six site international program to commercialize hybrid bonding technology.
  • Established effective collaborations with existing and new partners. Improved operational performance (cost and throughput) by 2x.
  • Successfully piloted 3D interconnect technology in multiple foundries.

Principal, Mountain View Energy, 2015-Present.

Clean energy technology analysis and management consultancy, with expertise in commercialization, and scaling.

  • Assessing feasibility and providing strategic guidance for new photovoltaic technologies.
  • Strategic alignment consulting for Department of Energy and partners.
  • Developed framework for technology manufacturability and decision analyses.

Director, Materials Development, Quantumscape, Inc., 2014-2015.

Led strategic solid-state electrolyte development program for lithium batteries. Assembled commercialization team and effectively managed program risk against technical and resource challenges. Provided corporate vision on roll-to-roll research strategy.

  • Demonstrated scalability and record-low room-temperature ASR of novel solid-state electrolyte.
  • Reduced thermal load by 80%, filed 4 invention disclosures.

R&D and Site Manager, First Solar, Inc., FSAT and CTC, 2010-2014.

Established thin-film solar energy research laboratory; set vision for staff and subordinate management, identified and aligned priorities, created and executed strategic and operational plans. Managed construction, procurement, lab priorities, and site responsibilities. Resolved complex issues regarding program mission and operational priorities for large-scale 60MW research program. Aligned priorities and assured communications for internal and external programs.

  • Led organization through transition to start up CdTe research laboratory, on-time and under budget ($10 Million).
  • Managed complex external research programs ($6 Million), successfully realigned.
  • Drove improvements to surpass program milestones for full-scale production rate line effi­ciency (goal 10%), 70% yield (goal 60%), average panel efficiency over 11% (goal 9%) for a 48-hour period, hero cell efficiency of 16%, (goal 13%).
  • Led CIGS integration effort to overcome 6-month schedule deficit.

Adjunct Professor, Materials Science, San Jose State University, 2012-2014.

Developed curriculum and taught new graduate course in photovoltaic manufacturing technology.

  • Course included general Materials Science and Chemical Engineering concepts along with current topics in photovoltaic manufacturing for all major module technologies.
  • Principal advisor for graduate student thesis research.

Project Manager and Senior Scientist, Alta Devices, Inc., 2009-2010.

Developed vision and secured funding for cell fabrication program for high efficiency GaAs thin-film technology. Directed program effectively to meet contractual obligations.

  • Spearheaded effort to secure a $3 Million NREL photovoltaic technology funding. Was one of four successful grantees out of 100 applicants.
  • Created anti-reflective coating for high efficiency GaAs cells; used in NREL-verified world-record single-junction solar cell (efficiency: 28.2%).

Module Integration Group Manager, Optisolar, Inc., R&D Department, 2007-2009.

Led complex product development program, developed priorities, managed staffing and team operations. Maintained and adjusted alignment through communication with management and subordinates.

  • Delivered dual junction (h~7.5%) module product above target and on time.
  • Improved organization efficiency, reduced development time by 50% and errors by 75%.

Co-Founder, API Technologies, Inc., 2005-2009. Motion sensor technology firm. Developed and prototyped CMOS sensor concepts. Created Verilog models, assisted in tapeouts. Sold to Elan Microelectronics in 2013. Annual revenue $12M/year.

Project Manager/Senior Scientist, Philips Lumileds Lighting Company, LLC, 2005-2007.

Developed performance improvement project for AlInGaP and InGaN LEDs, and solid state lighting. Implemented root cause studies to discover sources of yield loss. Leveraged domestic and international (Malaysia) resources to reduce manufacturing response time. Led electroplating procurement efforts. Aligned and maintained priorities for programs across multiple sites.

  • Improved AlInGaP yields by 20% over 6 months.
  • Drove 65% standard setting die shrink program for InGaN LEDs.

Principal Project Scientist, Hewlett-Packard Company/Agilent Technologies, HP Laboratories/ Semiconductor Products Group, 1995-2005.

Pioneered world-class CMOS imager photodiode array from concept and transferred to production. Aligned technical priorities to speed product commercialization. Articulated vision for new product paradigm leveraging wafer fabrication facilities for integrated instruments, and led development of new business opportunities. Responsible for low‑k ILD for 0.18 μm CMOS for Intel joint venture and industry ad­visory board representative. Familiar with all aspects of interconnect processes and process integration.

  • Invented three cost-free solutions for mitigating critical artifacts in imagers.
  • Advocated and developed multiple sensor technology opportunities. One technology forms ba­sis for AFM product.
  • Pioneered elevated thin-film photodiode array. Invented high-rate low-defect a-Si:H deposition pro­cess (30 Å/s), and low leakage p-i-n diode (10 pA/cm2).
  • Developed vendor evaluation process adopted by business divisions.

Professional Recognition

  • Chair, Department of Energy, Solar Energy Technology Office, Peer Review Board for Manufacturing and Competitiveness (2022).
  • Chair, IEEE Bay Area Sustainability Chapter (2019 – present).
  • Chair, Materials Research Society Taskforce on Educational Resources for Sustainability (2018-2021).
  • Associate Editor for Clean Energy and Sustainable Technologies, MRS Advances (2016-2022).
  • Technical Committee Member, 3DIC, International Wafer Level Packaging Conference, IWLPC (2017-2019).
  • Treasurer, Silicon Valley Photovoltaics Society (2016-2019).
  • Meeting Chair, Spring 2015 Materials Research Society Conference (2015).
  • Symposium Chair, MRS Symposium on Monolithic Instruments (2005, 2007).
  • Editorial Board Member, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A (1999-2002).